installation for Hello Wood multidisciplinary art camp

with Suzana Milinovic (TU DELFT), Rufus van den Ban (HP Architects), Joost Wilms, Márton Kőműves, András Ladocsi, Sven Syndicus, Anna Derriks, Cristina Magallón Hernández

Concept by Suzana Milinovic and Rufus van den Ban: Sometimes things are very simple. To escape from work or other daily concerns, we go to a place called bar. Especially a bar can feel as a tiny corner at the end of the world; a confined space shared with its inhabitants. So we propose a really small bar, perhaps even the smallest ever. A bar designed around the bodies of a certain number of people that allows only very little movement without accidentally touching your neighbour. It creates those situations in public spaces which can be awkward and pleasant at the same time: you hear words which are not meant for your ears, feel elbows you didn’t expect to feel. Before you know it, everybody is involved in the same crazy conversation. This place is too small not to get involved! The idea is to, in a way, mould the structure around a number of bodies to allow space for people around the bar, under the bar, on top of the bar, space for a very small dance floor and, of course, some space for the bartender. During the building process we decide how to shape the building in order to invite happy accidents and clever solutions. Perhaps we decide to use left over material from other teams or unprocessed natural wood. This proposal is not a finished design! Its character can be defined by ‘live action detailing’ that happens, or is thought of, at the spot. We want the lively act of building to be a visible part of the bar, created collectively, not by one individual. In this sense wood is the perfect material; easy to handle and process, allowing improvisation. The proposition is rather old fashioned. It deals with our bodily presence in space, which is essential to our being in the world, and with the fact that we are in the world with others, we can only define ourselves in context of the others. Our proposal is a collective space that confines real closeness in contrast to the ubiquitous social media of Facebook and Linkedin.

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photo: Donát Kékesi and Márton Kőműves